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Home Delivery Policy:
$11.00 minimum on delivery order. For orders under $30.00, there is an additional $3.00 charge to make the delivery.

Delivery days by town
Enfield/Suffield/Windsor LocksThursday

Please Note:

Please leave cooler out for your day of delivery. You can also ask about purchasing a Smyth's Trinity Farm porch box.

Current Products For Home Delivery and Pricing:
Whole ½ gal.$4.50
Whole Quart$3.25
1% ½ gal.$4.25
1% Quart$3.25
Skim ½ gal.$4.00
Skim Quart$3.00
Strawberry Milk Qt$4.50
Chocolate ½ gal.$5.50
Chocolate qt.$4.50
Coffee qt.$4.50
½ & ½ pt.$4.00
½ & ½ qt.$6.00
Heavy Cream pt.$5.25
Kefir - Plain, qt.$7.25
Kefir - Vanilla, qt.$7.25
Eggs, 1 doz, Brown$4.75
Butter - Salted$7.50
Butter - Unsalted$7.50
Vanilla Yogurt 16 oz.$4.25
Blueberry Yogurt 16 oz.$4.25
Peach Yogurt 16 oz.$4.25
Raspberry Yogurt 16 oz.$4.25
Cherry Yogurt 16 oz.$4.25
Lemon Yogurt 16 oz.$4.25
Plain Yogurt 16 oz.$4.25
Plain Yogurt, 32 oz.$7.25
Honey - 1/2 Pound$6.00
Honey - 1 Pound$12.00
Honey - 2 Pound$18.00
Peanut Butter - 1 doz$6.00
Oatmeal Raisin - 1 doz$6.00
Vanilla Sugar - 1 doz$6.00
Snicker Doodle - 1 doz$6.00
Chocolate Chip - 1 doz$6.00

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